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High Strength. Anti-Vandal. Hygienic. Excellent Image Clarity. 

At Clarke's Safety Mirrors, we have been supplying stainless steel mirrors to safety conscious industries since 1997. These metal mirrors offer numerous advantages over glass:

  • High Strength - Our stainless steel mirrors are virtually unbreakable. The mirrors will not shatter when impacted. 
  • Hygienic - These mirrors are suitable for use in clean rooms, food preparation areas, kitchens & factories. 
  • Reflection - Our stainless steel mirrors are supplied with a Super Mirror Polish, offering an exceptional image clarity. 
  • Anti-Vandal - Stainless steel mirrors are classified as anti-vandal, making them suitable for use in public buildings. 


Super Mirror Polish 

Unlike some other metal mirrors on the market, our stainless steel mirrors are supplied with a Super Mirror Polish. This provides a brighter image compared to the standard Mirror Polish used by other manufacturers.

The Super Mirror Polish provides an ultra-reflective surface and is commonly used in environments where this image quality is important. 

Stainless Steel Grades

We manufacture these metal mirrors from Grade 304 stainless steel as standard. This offers very good corrosion resistance and is suitable for most applications. 

For highly corrosive environments, we can supply these mirrors from grade 316 stainless steel. This material is often used in marine applications. 

Made To Measure Service

At Clarke's Safety Mirrors, we manufacture these mirrors to order. We can supply any size up to 2400 x 1200mm. We also offer various fixing methods to suit every application. 

For specific requirements, we can bond our stainless steel mirrors to 6mm PVC for increased rigidity. 

Please contact us for a quote for a custom specification.

Stainless steel mirrors can be supplied in different thicknesses and grades. Minimum order quantities may apply. 

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