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At Clarke's Safety Mirrors, we have been supplying mirrors to nurseries, schools and colleges since 1997. We have grown through our knowledge and understanding of the industry. Our aim is to provide the highest level of customer service. 

We offer a range of different mirror types for use in the education sector. We manufacture & supply glass, plastic and metal mirrors and offer a variety of different fixing methods. 



Typical mirror types include acrylic, safety backed glass & polycarbonate. These mirrors all offer an excellent image quality. Each mirror type provides a different level of safety. Please contact our friendly sales team for advice on choosing the best mirror for your requirements. 

We offer a made to measure service for all our wall mirrors. Please let us know if you require a custom specification. 

Mirror Strength Guide 


Safety Backed Glass Mirrors 

Dome Head Mirror Screws

Our glass mirrors are supplied with a polypropylene backing tested to BS6206 Class B & C (BS EN 12600 2B2) and mechanical fixings. All our glass mirrors are manufactured with polished edges (2mm bevel) as standard.

The safety backing helps to hold the shards together in the event of a breakage, reducing the risk of injury. Safety glass mirrors are often used in low risk environments. 

For specific applications, we can also supply toughened glass mirrors that comply to BS6206 Class A. Please contact us for more information.  

Safety backed glass mirrors must be mechanically fixed. Our standard fixing method is screw holes ad dome head screws. We can also supply safety backed glass mirrors with verity clips or J channels. 


Acrylic mirrors

Acrylic Mirrors 

Acrylic mirrors are often used in applications where glass would be unsafe or impractical. Our acrylic mirrors are approximately 10 times stronger than glass, making them a popular choice for educational environments. We can also offer an optional scratch resistant coating for improved abrasion resistance. 

Available in 3mm & 6mm thickness. Multiple fixing methods available. 


Polycarbonate Mirrors 

      Polycarbonate mirrors

Our strongest mirror type. Polycarbonate mirrors are virtually unbreakable. These mirrors are used where high impact and fire resistance properties are essential.

Available in 3mm & 6mm thickness. Multiple fixing methods available.

Polycarbonate mirrors should be used if there is a risk of self harm or harm to others. 


Contact Details 

If you have any questions or need any further advice, our sales team are happy to help: Phone: 01952 605557 Email: enquiries@csmirrors.co.uk 
Structural calculations and the adherence to planning/building control regulations are the responsibility of the customer.
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